There are two types of problems we solve as developers:

  • heuristic

What type of programmer do you want to be?

We can map these to the two types of problems outlined by Csikszentmihalyi in Creativity:

  • discovered

To solve algorithmic, or presented, problems, it’s simply a matter of recognizing…

Creativity is the most important problem solving skill you can develop. But what is creativity? Why is it important? How does it work? In this article, we will define creativity, identify the traits of a creative person, and outline the stages of the creative process.

When learning something new or…

Learn fast and make things

What are you learning this year?

Perhaps we need to reframe the question: how are you learning this year?

Did you make resolutions to learn X or build Y with new hotness Z?

How’s it going so far?

Most people don’t stick with their resolutions. Something like 80% of people…

The path to success in any field is to develop expertise. The first, and most important, step on that path is deciding that it’s possible. The second step is to make it a practice.

This article originally published in my newsletter, The Solution

How Do You Gain Expertise?

To gain expertise, we need to first…

Emotions in a row

Emotion is important for success in both problem solving and learning. Empathy sparks creativity, but to excel we need to be aware of our emotional blocks.

This article originally published in my newsletter, The Solution.

Emotion & Metacognition

What is the role of emotion in metacognition?

Emotion is an important, and often overlooked…

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